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It's not just a sweet science, but also a fun way to combat stress, lose weight, spend time with your Kids, and use that other half of your brain (comparable to learning a new language or playing an instrument).

Studies have proven that boxing naturally slows the progression of Parkinson's/ Alzheimer's/ and the symptoms that come along with it. We have personalized programs for all skill levels and up to the competitive level ( Dutch Muay Thai/Kickboxing classes are also included with the Boxing classes)!!

In our kickboxing classes, you will not only learn the art of using your fists for defensive and offensive fighting, but you will learn to use knee and kicking techniques to effectively take down an opponent.

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What to expect: Principles from HIIT, tabata, plyometrics, battle ropes, tire flips, bagwork, padwork, ab work, Instruction and a lung busting class!!

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